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Partners and synergies with…

Our partners:

The Podcast Factory:

The Podcast Factory aims at supporting passionate & forward-thinking communities on air, through podcasts.

Partners: the podcast factory

They propose:

  • trainings to produce your own podcasts.
  • a professional podcasting studio.
  • an online community & podcast hosting platform (“Podcast owners“).

So if you want to join the community and / or for more information: please contact Michel Godart via Linkedin

You can already use the tag #ThePodcastFactory for all your podcasts publication and also “like”, “comment” & “share” always the posts you find with this tag to support others!

The Podcast Factory is known via their projects:

  • “HR Voices and Visions”, who is now merged with Hrmeetup
  • Project-Daybreak (presenting artists and their passion)!
  • Midoricast! Midoricast aims at sharing success stories around environment, conservation, climate change & ecology. The projet is in confirmed collaboration with transforma bxl.

transforma bxl:

All “meet up” events that we organise are located in the coworking space & innovation center of “transforma bxl” in Evere.

transforma bxl” is a coworking space hosting a community of entrepreneurs, innovators and change makers.

Partners: transforma bxl

Interviews with Anis Beda:

If Soundcloud is not available, try via Mixcloud!


Anis Bedda – Intrapreneurship Conference (FR: 10/10/2013) by Hrmeetup – The Podcast Factory on Mixcloud


Anis Bedda – Intrapreneurship Conference 2014 (FR: 15/11/2014) by Hrmeetup – The Podcast Factory on Mixcloud

More than a physical space transforma bxl is a space of social transformation: a platform that brings together a creative community, and provides them with the needed resources and tools to innovate, transform their ideas into action and drive forward their projects. We particularly love projects that contribute to improve the society in which we live in.

Innovators “, “ change “, “ meetups “: 3 keyword who can already explain a collaboration with HRmeetup. So, these entrepreneurs are welcome to our mic for interviews where they will share experiences, passions and success story!

Le Plaza Hôtel Bruxelles:

The best place to be in Brussel is “Le Plaza Hôtel Bruxelles”, and we are recording there our podcasts every month!

Partners: Le Plaza Hôtel Bruxelles

Interviews with Corine De Roy and Julie De Blick:

If Soundcloud is not available, try via Mixcloud!

Corine De Roy – DRH “Le Plaza Bruxelles” (FR: 06/11/2014) by Hrmeetup – The Podcast Factory on Mixcloud

Julie De Blick – Le Plaza Brussels (ENG: 06/11/2014) by Hrmeetup – The Podcast Factory on Mixcloud

Recommended by the Royal Court of Belgium, Le Plaza Brussels is an historical hotel which provides luxury, comfort and privacy. It is greatly located in the heart of Brussels nearby the largest shopping street, the Manneken Pis and the Grand Place.

When entering the hotel, you will be greeted warmly and delighted to discover its outstanding customer service. Thanks to its well-equipped meeting space such as The Theatre, Le Plaza is able to host any kind of events including gala diner, staff party, seminars…

Le Plaza hotel can suit different type of customer expectations, thanks to its wide guestrooms types from Classic room to Presidential Suite.

We have the pleasure to offer to the auditors of HRmeetup an exclusive ten percent discount and a free breakfast through this webpage:

Hotel Le Plaza Brussels Exclusive Rate

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Synergies with:

ApéroRH Lille:

Sharing activities, events and visibility with ApéroRH Lille.


Interviews with Eric Rolland and Raphael Visnadi:

If Soundcloud is not available, try via Mixcloud!
The interview of Raphael is too short to be uploaded on Mixcloud : just try again later!

Eric Rolland – “Apéro RH de Lille” (FR: 06/03/2014) by Hrmeetup – The Podcast Factory on Mixcloud

Jobs HR opportunities:

Jobs HR opportunities is a Linkedin group created by Patrick Namotte, an active HRmeetup member who helps our project on a regular basis…

Linkedin group

Interview with Patrick Namotte:

If Soundcloud is not available, try via Mixcloud!

Patrick Namotte – Jobs HR opportunities (FR: 16/05/2013) by Hrmeetup – The Podcast Factory on Mixcloud

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