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Ruth Friedman – Is Burnout an issue in your company? (ENG: 12/01/2018)

7 minutes with Ruth Friedman to know what will happen during our next Meetup event!

If Soundcloud is not available, try via Mixcloud!

Do you wonder why you should join us? Then listen quickly this short podcast! Huge thank you to Ruth Friedman​ to share your survey on burnout with us!

What is your experience? Join us and share it, listen to other opinions, feedback and discover new ideas. Sharing brainstorming and informing will be our main focus!

Note: When we published this podcast only 20 places left of 60 : so hurry up and do not forgot to register via Eventbrite​. It’s a free event but please try to avoid last minutes cancellations.

Previous podcast with Ruth Friedman:

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