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Who is talking about you as HR on the Web?

You as HR on the Web

As an HR, you have probably already had an experience where a candidate, frustrated by negative feedback, adopts a more aggressive attitude. It may be just the tone that goes up in his voice .. but sometimes it’s about insults, different types of threats and even harassment … I have too often heard these testimonies and I have the feeling they become too frequent!

Fortunately, it calms down quickly and reason usually takes over. But what happens if the calm is not back?

Normally your professionalism will guarantee that nothing bad will happen. However, it is a place where some candidates, without going to extremes, can and let themselves go to express this frustration or just share their experiences: Internet.

So you can not spend your time looking for such information that will likely be inconsequential at first. And even if you wanted it, you run out of time.

At times of employer branding to its fullest sense, it is interesting to know what is said, and being able to react! Otherwise your investments in this area could be tarnished.

In each company a specific service manages activity on the web about your employer brand, or about your company…But these services do not do research on every name of their employees, HR or not. On the other hand, in certain « PME » or companies of smaller size the HR are using several « caps ».

I propose here a little tip that will take only a few minutes and will certainly help you! Especially since being HR does not always mean that you are expert in computer science, in social networks or just a « Geek « .

A service of Google too little known can indeed solve this questioning on what is « said » about you. And please admit that it is very practical on the private plan also!

Finally, this service can also let you know more and quickly on subjects that are important to you or simply types of events that you would not want to miss …

This is called « Google Alerts« ! The link below explains how to create your own Google alerts ….I also let you imagine how to use it in a wider sphere of your life …

And the web suddenly becomes so small!


For Hrmeetup Team: Michel GODART

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