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Team Hrmeetup.

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Active team members:

Anne-Sophie Heyvaert

hrmeetup.© is brought to you by : Anne-Sophie Heyvaert.

Anne-Sophie Heyvaert

Business Development Partner at Galilei-Randstad.
About 10 years experience as Key Account Manager in HR services (focus on Life Sciences & Petro-chemical sector) & about 15 years in a sales function. Her values are: Passionate, collaboration, positivism.

Favourite quote: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Caroline Gasia

hrmeetup.© is brought to you by : Caroline Gasia

Recorded: 14/01/2016

Business Partner in Recruitment & Selection at Colruyt Group, Caroline is also our voice for all dutch and english Podcasts in our project.

David Van den Broeck

Hr Voice & Visions (a project of « The Podcast Factory Org (ASBL-VZW)« ): David Van den Broeck.

David Van den Broeck

David Van den Broeck is passionate about marketing and all social media. As a very ambitious person, he’d like to change the world, and leave his legacy. He started his Podcast experience thanks to Michel Godart, in the « Podcast High Tech ». Afterwards, Michel and David decided to expand the project, and direct towards a bigger audience, with topics that address each and everyone of you. With « HR Voices & Visions » (now merged with Hrmeetup), they gave jobs a voice. David had created the website, and was animator for all dutch and english Podcasts. David is actually the marketing director for « Project Daybreak« , where they talk to upcoming talents in the world of music, dance, films, theater, stand-up comedy, and variety.

Estelle Mentior

hrmeetup.© is brought to you by : Estelle Mentior.

Recorded: 21/10/2013

Estelle Mentior holds a Master in Psychology and a Master in General Management. Her fields of interested are wide but mainly focused on HR matters; talent, recruitment, talent management, well-being at work and efficiency at work. She currently works as an HR Generalist for a high-tech and international company. She believes that Managers are the voice of HR for tomorrows needs and is willing to develop whatever is needed for them to better lead our highly qualified resources. She loves to meet new people, especially passionate people that will share their dreams and collaborate on building a better future.

Maryia Rozum

hrmeetup.© is brought to you by : Maryia Rozum.

Maryia Rozum

Senior Legal Recruiter / Professional Career Coach

Michel Godart

hrmeetup.© is brought to you by : Michel Godart.

Recorded: 11/08/2016

Senior Roaming Engineer at Proximus, passionate about technology and people, Michel Godart started his podcasting experience with « Le Podcast High Tech » (30000 unique visitors per month),aiming to explain technologies in a simple and comprehensive way to all audiences. Willing to take up a new challenge and inspired by his wife who was working in HR, he decided to launch together with David Van Den Broeck « HR Voices & Visions » with the objective to build bridges between Education, Work & HR. After recording a podcast about HRmeetup, they discovered that they all had common grounds and decided during summer 2013 to join forces. Today, Michel & David manage all tasks related to the recording, production & publication of podcasts.

Favourite quote: « Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. » Confucius


Marjolaine Gailly

hrmeetup.© is brought to you by : Marjolaine Gailly

Recorded: 21/02/2013

Marjolaine Gailly is a passionate HR professional and HR researcher. Besides her expertise in Recruitment, Talent Management & Business Partnering within several
multinationals in Belgium, she is also conducting a doctoral research on organizational learning, error culture and leadership at the University of Brussels.
She is our (copy)writer, so you will often find her name in our blogposts, newsletters, articles. Her specialties: develop potential (human and business), think
different, and inspire the “smile” attitude.

Frédéric Williquet

hrmeetup.© was co-founded by : Frédéric Williquet

Recorded: 11/04/2013

People Manager of HR Consultants for years, developped a comprehensive and broad view on HR. Currently the Conversation Manager for SD Worx and HR consultant, he provides consultancy on Future of Work, Enterprise 2.0 & Social Business, Open Leadership, Employee Engagement, Gami?cation, Conversation Management, Knowledge Management and HR marketing. He practices Appreciative Inquiry and Visual Harvesting.Describing himself as a Business Interactions Architect, he is a strong believer in managing change through the power of communities. He co-created

Christelle Letist

hrmeetup.© was co-founded by : Christelle Letist.

Recorded: 13/06/2013

Holder of an Executive MBA, Christelle is active in HR over the past ten years. She loves working with People and Organisation to make them sparkle and reach next levels. Her core belief is that YOU are the master of your life and destiny and that life is too short to not live it fully. Optimist & curious by nature, she is passionate about Web 2.0 & Social Media. She has a strong interest in the way it allows us to share, learn and work.

David Verbustel

hrmeetup.© was co-founded by : David Verbustel.

Recorded: 10/03/2016

David Verbustel is passionate about intra/entrepreneursh­ip (ENTP-MBTI). David is a born entrepreneur, he dedicates his career to solves HR issues with (mainly) web solutions. He is a Business Engineer (BSc and MSc in Business Engineering at the Louvain School of Management, 2007) with majors in strategy and innovation. He got a 3-year interdisciplinary training in business creation (Université Catholique de Louvain, 2007). He currently runs a recruitment agency, an employer branding web-application and co-founded

Christophe Pinoy

hrmeetup.© was co-founded by : Christophe Pinoy.

Christophe Pinoy

Christophe is a passionated people manager & HR Professional. Besides his expertise in various fields within HR like employee relations, recruitment, talent management, he is convinced that people are the most important value of a company.
His experience as Business Unit Manager gives him a bride vieuw of interactions between HR and all other department within a company. For him, you give the orientation you choose to a function. His choice? Human Resources! He co-created

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