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David Verbustel – Jamstorming (ENG: 10/03/2016)

David Verbustel: Jamstorming, the app that conquered the world of surveys.

If Soundcloud is not available, try via Mixcloud!

At the end of this podcast (at 11’35) you will find our 3 HR questions!

At the mic, David Verbustel presents the app Jamstorming.

David explains us the origin of a crazy idea born between two passionate and experts from digital and HR world, David Verbustel and Frédéric Williquet. Their idea is to save time during meetings where teams opinion is asked.

Jamstorming marks the end of endless surveys, « post- its collectors of ideas », tedious syntheses followed by a poll or survey. They now provide an app, easily accessible via smartphone, which synthesizes the votes and opinions of each participant and instantly shows the results.

Time saving, efficient, customized , gaming and mobilization of participants; Jamstorming transforms the business survey, workshops and other…

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