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Angelo Antole – DRH Ethias (FR: 16/01/2014)

Angelo Antole est un Directeur des «Richesses Humaines». Son projet : a + r + s = b + p

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Angelo Antole est un Directeur des Richesses Humaines. Son rêve serait d’être un directeur qui rend heureux. Son projet, qui est devenu un projet d’entreprise, se résume dans l’équation a + r + s = b + p (autonomie + responsabilité + solidarité = bonheur + performance)



  1. I was saying that nowadays, recruiting is so sophisticated with questions to ask, triks to use, psychological skills to be required, that it just like a war !!! where is the feeling, the will of the candidates, his projects without going throught all these questioning and traps …. on the top of this the company who recruit for other companies, do not know at all the mood and atmosphere where the candidate will be … So, usually the end candidate is over – estimated, and he do not fit in the place. A lower level just what is needed with a willing to improve oneself on the spot is often much better than someone over estimated .. Usually this person fit much better in th scene. I have seen this very often in my jobs (Intel, AMD, Samsun, Computervision, PTC) Irina

  2. Hi Irina, indeed the challenge is high and the first step needed is to start thinking about these topics, what could be improved – the how to do it can come later. Another reality that always come out (mentioned several times during our events) is the « Good will » . More then once proven to be better and more efficient then the overestimated candidate…But then again – this is my opinion!

  3. Génial ! Inspirant ! Je me remets au travail le sourire aux lèvres ! 🙂
    Merci pour cette interview, Michel !

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