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Kamil Mroz – JCI The Heart of Europe: (Y)our Future Event (ENG: 16/11/2013)

Kamil Mroz: JCI, The Heart of Europe.

Kamil Mroz has been a volunteer for community organizations for over 8 years, which is not only his passion, but he deeply believes that this is a catalyst for social change. The (Y)our Future in Brussels project has made local, regional and international impact by empowering young people in these uncertain economic times in Europe.

  • Job seakers: If you’re looking for a job or would like to discuss your career and possible change of direction and get advice from HR professionals, network with experienced and inspirational speakers, join the event on 30th Nov in Brussels – Our Future Event!
  • HR professionals: If you’re an HR professional and would love to contribute to this project because you too you think 5.5 millions young unemployed people is an unfair and unacceptable situation, join the team!
  • Party time: If you like to party and have fun while supporting a great cause: « La Tentation » on 30th November 2013.




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