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When we founded Hrmeetup, it was with one simple idea in mind: inspire.

Inspire people. Inspire organizations. Inspire change. Inspire a better HR.

We were just a bunch of HR passionates, addicted to Twitter, surfing on the HR 2.0 wave, willing to meet, exchange and improve.
So we just tried it out! And the Hrmeetup community was born.

A friendly monthly event, in an unusual and inspiring place, a couple of drinks, happy people, forward-thinking discussions on HR topics.
Resolutely informal, vector of happiness, and host of ideas.

The community kept growing and growing, and we discovered that we were not the only ones willing to change the face of HR in a funx and playful way!

And one day, during our brainstorming on HR marketing, an Hrmeetup fellow proposed an idea: “Let’s do our own Hrmeetup manifesto!”.
A manifesto reflecting our vision of how HR should be, summary of our brainstormings this year, supporting our beliefs, our values, and destined to inspire others.

So we just tried it out! Again. Because that’s what it’s all about, taking the first step. Dare to do things differently.


Because at Hrmeetup we believe in a better HR.

We believe in the critical role we play in helping organizations manage “human resources”. Critical as we have to struggle between human and resources, between people and business, and act as liaison between both and make sure they are in flow.

We believe in the inner power of people, in their talents, in their potential, and in their incredible ability to do more, better & greater, if offered the right tools & environment.

We believe that company culture is a key element to employee engagement & performance. A company culture that is conveyed by Management, HR, and every individual, working hand in hand as partners to achieve business objectives.

A company culture based on open feedback, transparency, authenticity, connectivity, collaboration. Values. Because beyond the what and the hom, people engage in their activities for a why. A purpose. A direction. A vision.

But while our organizations compete for the most sexy and innovative values & business mission statement, we often forget that values are personal, subjective, evolutive, internalized, and so by definition human.

We believe that besides having a business mission statement, companies should think about having also a human mission statement, reflecting the people’s core values and beliefs.

And we believe that HR has a role to play in their integration.

Leadership developers, culture facilitators, business interactions architects, guardians of fairness, recognition, and effective communication.
At this point, this is what we believe in at Hrmeetup. What about you?

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