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Our Mission

Our mission: Bring the fun part of the HR world!

Our pdf presentation: Flyer ENG Version 2018

HRmeetup aims to connect passionate people to share in a playful way the future of work thru meetups & podcasts. In real life & on air.

Join now the growing community (+690 and growing) & Have fun!

Human Resources are an important key player in helping companies reach their best results.

A lot of HR professionals, Talents Developers and People Managers deeply think that it’s not only thanks to efficient processes, nor from enhanced reward policies, etc., but certainly also by creating happiness, fun, authentic feedback, interactions and smiles at work.

How to change the perception of being strict people and policy creators?

How to be the best Change Agents? How to show the way? Maybe by hosting a community of fun and happy HR people, walking the talk of fun.

Do you think HR is not boring? Do you think fun can bring more people engagement and more pleasure at work?

The need to share our experiences in this area, to talk about HR trends and to expand the circle of our discussions led us to create hrmeetup.©

Come and share your happiness and engagement in this goal with us.


Via Podcast:

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Recorded: 14/01/2016

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Recorded: 11/04/2013

FR : Si le fournisseur qui héberge nos podcasts est indisponible momentanément il se peut que vous ne voyiez pas d’épisode à démarrer ci-dessous. Revenez plus tard ou écouter directement l’épisode via Spotify, Mixcloud, Stitcher, Tunein ou iTunes (pour les 250 plus récents): cherchez l’épisode avec le nom de l’intervenant. Merci!

Recorded: 21/02/2013

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September 2011 a couple of twitter-addicts, passionate about people, decided to build a different kind of community. A community aiming at bringing people-minded professionals and HR specialists once a month around the table to discuss HR topics in a fun and playful way, facilitate exchanges in a network of professionals who by definition offer little opportunity to interact with other colleagues. Put a face to a name, a name to a face, meet ‘in real life’ linkedin contacts, a colleague, a speaker … and have a relaxing and entertaining evening.

hrmeetup.©, resolutely informal, vector of happiness and host of ideas.

December 2012, another similar but independent project came to life: « HR Voices & Visions ». Another couple of “geeks” who believed that is was possible to build bridges between education, work and human resources, by the mean of podcasts. Interview students, workers and HR Managers about their visions and experiences of work, competencies, talents, recruitment and development, with the objective to put the 3 around a table to reduce the gap between what a student believes he/she will do and the competencies he/she is developing, what a worker does in reality and experiences the world of work, and how HR can act as a talent finder, people developer, and human potential manager.

2 different projects, but a common vision: Creating a fun, relaxed and playful space, for passionate people, to discuss about the future of work.

Both projects met in February 2013 to record a podcast on HRmeetup, they started creating synergies, helping each other out, and finally decided to join their forces in August 2013.

A new HRmeetup was born, with a new logo and a new motto:

HRmeetup aims to connect passionate people to share in a playful way the future of work thru meetups & podcasts. In real life & on air.

We meet up every 2 months starting 6.30pm at « transforma bxl » in Evere, to discuss topics such as Social Business, People employability, HR Marketing, ROI of HR, etc.

Once a month recording sessions where we interview during 15 minutes students, workers and HR professionals on their vision of the work, at the Plaza Hotel in Brussels.

Share passions. Think forward. Dare to be different. Make it playful. Reinvent a better workplace.

How it works?

We meet up:

    Operation is simple:

  • you bring your entry-pass (a photo, a pen, … see each event post for more explanation)
  • and real money in order to support your consumptions
  • but also, the most important, virtual currencies such as ideas, tips, smiles, … to enrich the talk.

Podcast recording session:

    How does it works?

  • Step 1: You want to participate
  • Step 2: Check out the podcasts recording sessions dates available
  • Step 3: Send a mail and reserve a date and timeslot. If not possible to join us at the Hotel do not hesitate to request a Skype/Hangout recording session.
  • Step 4: Prepare yourself, do not prepare texts or pages to read! Just prepare a list with key words for you to avoid forgetting something but please stay natural!
  • Step 5: Be present on the mic, there are no live sessions!
  • Step 6: You receive a private link to listen your interview, afterwards you can approve for publication (or request a correction): send a picture (or allow us to use your Linkedin picture). A self written introduction to your interview is possible and welcome!
  • Step 7: Your interview is published online via Simplecast, then included in our website and shared via different social networks: be informed that the publications are performed during the following month of the recorded session! There are a few days between each publication. We are also depending on your reactivity.

Note (Step 3 & 5): Time slots are announced for your information: we depend on the timeline of guests and potential overflow time. Sometimes we need to record again and this generates a delay in the schedule, so do not plan appointments after the recording session. We also ask you to inform us early enough in case of cancellation as we foresee catering for our guests.

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